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Tmk Records

"It's not about the money...it's about the music!" - TMK

TMK Records
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What is our label about? We want to help out the local scene. We believe that every band deserves a shot. Our label offers everything a band just starting out needs. We handle the booking, promoting, recording and almost all of the financial needs that come up!

Torture My Kat Records is always looking for street team help. So if you are interested join the tmk_records's community and spread the word about all the shows.



Add this banner to your site and support TMK and Jamestownefest! Link it to us because it will change often!

Awesome Bands to check out.
88 MPH
Ettison Clio
Hope for August
The Banana Convention
The Weakend
Your Best Friend

Other labels
Acutest Records
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Kasey Rex Callison
4/3/1983 - 8/15/2004
Kasey was the drummer for Stamp'd and Evasic.
He was a very talented man and he will be dearly missed.

Picture from www.stampd.com